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TTC Special: Young tourists: from council hunters to travel agents

 TTC Special: Young tourists: from council hunters to travel agents

Photo: Antonio Guillem/123rf

By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- The Millennials and the young people of Generation Z, with less years of age than the first ones, are getting closer and closer to the tour operators in the Caribbean and other parts of the world to ask them for good advice for their holidays.

Industry experts who have reported the phenomenon believe that the trend is good news because it gives the sector a great potential for growth.

With their trips, these young people “feed back” the sector with their “vacation” results displayed on the Internet.

Despite the popularity of travel sites and for hotel reservations, Millennials and Generation Z tourists obtain from travel agents details in advance that they consider essential to book in places where they will spend their vacations.

They do it, say analysts, with a great sense of free time and the need to reduce the margins of errors that would lead them to spend a bad holiday.

These young people look for an expert that validates their choices and learn in the process.

Then, they are able to give lessons about their experiences.

Some of the most frequent questions they ask are “Is the hotel really that good? Is it worth the trip on a certain island?” When they return from their adventures they make their own public judgments.

Little by little they become from consumers to advisors themselves.

Industry experts advise these young people to improve their game, become specialists, become certified and educate themselves more.

Travel agents, and that’s what they can become, must improve their technique.

Young people are already crucial for world tourism.

A report from the International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA) said that Generation Z, for example, will become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, surpassing even the millennials.

“The appeal of multiple destinations and unique experiences, such as music festivals at sea, is attracting this new category to cruises,” the CLIA report added.

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