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TTC Special: Vaccination passports can cause chaos

Airports might become cahothic in the current scenario. Picture: Pixabay

By Frank Martin

Concerns about Covid-19 vaccination passports have increased due to the risk of chaos that new health documents can cause at airports, maritime terminals, and even at land borders.

The most persistent alarm is from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which called on “governments” to act “quickly” to adopt digital processes that speed up reviews. .

An IATA representative revealed that before the long pandemic, passengers, on average, spent around 1.5 hours in the travel processes of each trip.

These procedures as check-in, security screening, border control, check-in procedures, customs, and baggage claim may reach as long as three hours,

In other words, the queues, delays in plane departures and other chaos consequences would suddenly multiply.

It is not just theory. The number of this new measures at airports, maritime facilities and land borders is increasing in order to preventing the epidemic.

IATA affirms that the extension of the waiting time is now taking place in some aierpports procedures such as billing control and at the borders (emigration and immigration), where travel health credentials are verified mainly as paper documents.

Delays  are becoming more alarming

One study stated that processes at airports would require 5.5 hours per trip in some circumstances.

“No one will tolerate longer waiting hours at check-in or for border procedures,” said the organization for global air traffic and proposed “automating the verification of vaccines and test certificates before traffic increases.”

“Governments must agree to the standards for digital certificates and align the processes to accept them. And they must act quickly,” Willie Walsh, executive director of IATA, told reporters.

Worst of all, this sequel to the long pandemic may be that the so-called “self-controls” of passengers to speed up precisely strenuous waiting periods will largely or totally disappear.

And the reactions begin to “rain” and to cool the enthusiasm for the reopening of international tourism.

For example, concerns and controversies have erupted in this regard in United States where more than 50% of the population has been vaccinated,

Another suggestion is that vaccination passport would may not only used by travelers but to enter certain places of fun such as mass concerts.

Then there are counterfeits, very risky for the goal of ending the pandemic.

The now famous “fake news” could be replaced by a fake ID of the virus vaccine.

Specialists believe that the consequences of pandemic have been so dire in infections and deaths and also in blow the national economies, that make that kind of procedures inevitable.

The solution could be that a vaccine passport just be a very simple proof that a person has been immunized. That is why the hero of this drama could be smartphones.

For those who do not have such an artifact, it could be a printed certificate.

The expert’s opinions worldwide emphasize whether or not the new documents could cause chaos are irreplaceable.

More positive decisions about the use of health passports are made in Great Britain and the European Union.

The truth is that everyone is afraid of catching it. Faced with this possibility, the arguments against individual health ID it recedes, including the people right to privacy.

The sinister Covid-19 has shown that is strongest the right to survive.


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