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TTC Special: Tourism: The best adventures in the Caribbean

Curazao-Caribe (pixabay)

by Frank Martin

When the world was about to stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, adventure tourism was in fashion worldwide, a success of the international leisure industry that is making a comeback.

If something caused the coronavirus and its closures that seemed eternal, it was the nostalgia for the outdoors, without masks as limits.

Today, when tourists from all over the planet seek the freedom that vacations bring, the end of confinement is great news.

It is true that days off are just to relax, but that does not mean getting bored. There is time for everything, and nothing better than taking a break after an adventure.

In this regard, the Caribbean islands have much to offer in the current quest to restore the tourism industry against all odds.

The truth is that the adventurous entertainments are in the same place. That means, where was the fun when Covid-19 took over our time?  Great part of it in the Caribbean islands.

Specifically, about adventure tourism, regional experts recommend walking. Nothing like walking tours of very exotic places that have two non-disposable peculiarities: they are always low cost and sometimes they don’t cost anything.

But there will be more pleasure if it is done with a clever guide who knows not only the path but also the cultural and ancestral secrets of the place, including the traditional food that sometimes surprises us at the end of a river, near the sea, or right in the middle of a jungle.

Wild routes or not, are already open and all of them also have their long-awaited oases. Nothing offers more pleasure than a bath in a natural spring after a long and tiring hike. In certain places.

By the way, in the Caribbean, without stopping walking or even swimming, with a wave of the hand, a tourist can order a cocktail, cold and exuberant.

Islands like Cuba have a great variety with lemon as the so-called daiquiris, with the best rum, sugar and powdered ice.

Citing each modality of blends with rum that is offered in the Caribbean islands would fill the space that the editor has for this article.

Another queen of Caribbean adventures is aquatic ones. The boats, from the most modest to the most luxurious, already have their engines running.

In that environment, underwater fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving and many more are offered. Also natural aquatic enclosures that can be explored and fabulous fishing spots.

Excursions are mentioned a lot and  for some visitors absent are  yet still nostalgic.

The resorts and hotels of the island organize them especially for adventurers, not only for fishing but also for exploring underwater caves.

Currently, to stretch legs after confinement, specialists in this type of tourism from around the world have launched to offer the best. There is a great competition with offers that moderate prices of excellent proposals.

The adventure market is one of those that has suffered the least from confinement because its appeal is indisputable, especially when it comes to family and multi-sport adventures.

In 2019, a very prominent worldwide company offered more than eighty trips on seven continents, including one trip for each month of the year. The program is currently running.

The current adventure market like the one before the pandemic is classified into land activity, water activity and aerial activity. The traveler can participate in this market alone, in a group, as a couple and as a family.

The offers are divided into proposals for tourists under 30 years old, from 30 to 41 years old, from 42 to 49 years old and from 50 years old and older.

Forecasts for 2023 and beyond point to North America dominating the global adventure travel market.

This is great news for the Caribbean, which is said to be excellently prepared for these clients.


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