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TTC Special: Tourism, Summer opening expands worldwide

Curacao. Photo: ©bierdegal/123rf

By Frank Martin

The already began boreal summer has an acceptable forecast for current cautious world tourism opening because the slow decline of the coronavirus,

One of the firms that risked a prediction ForwardKeys, after analyzing more than 17 million flight reservations estimates that the restart may not be so bad.

The institution that generates business intelligence analysis on trips in the tourism universe assured that recovery expected could be around a quarter of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Most of international forecasts are lower than what business optimism expects.

But there is a more privileged region than the others: the Caribbean.

According to some forecast while airline tickets issued for international arrivals to Africa and the Middle East have been only 31% of the 2019 totals, in America 38%, in Asia Pacific 7% and in Europe 22% Caribbean island are in better situation

Experts added that Caribbean is the only place on planet earth where summer trips are looks healthier.

This is due to the fact that the set of islands in the Caribbean Sea have achieved 81%. of reservations.

Experts consulted assure that in part this happens because the beaches are in the first place of tourist preferences now and the Caribbean islands have a good   and diverse collection of that kind of offers.

After global the epidemic confinement, people on vacation seem to prefer open spaces such as the sea and dunes to avoid contagion and to feel physical freedom again.

Also, beaches are usually a single destination:  good food and entertainment in one place without multiple travel itineraries.

The innovations promoted by beach destinations point to a very strengthened feeling during the pandemic, which has been the family union.

“There is a substantial need to escape from confinement with the whole family and celebrate together,” commented an operator questioned on the subject by TTC.

The benevolent and concerned family attention is about the children.

Beaches can be a great place for children to expand with less risk of contagion.

However public compression is requested in 2021 summer because destinations not yet opened their doors wide.

For real very few places are 100 % opened among other things because Covid-19 is a disease of hidden resources of lethal a resistant modality.

Yes, summer trips have returned although they have done so with extreme caution.

Tourism companies including airlines and maritime and of course destinations know that they still risk losses.

Analysis of the market in Internet social media indicates that America and within it the Caribbean and Central America are preparing to welcome incoming tourists.

An opening success rely more and more on vaccination, which is expected to progress little by little towards a herd immunization.

But scientists warn that there must be large doses of vaccines plus a rational collective and individual protection as endorsements.

And they ask for a healthy distrust about the evil virus that is strong enough yet to reverse the process.


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