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TTC Special: Tourism reopen. Help! Governments are needed

Travels and COVID/19. Photo: Pexels

By Frank Martin.

A proposal arising in the global tourism industry reopening after COVID 19 epidemic is that the support of governments is needed for success.

Today the concept is worldwide clearly valid after the very big losses caused by coronavirus estimated in multibillion-dollar.

Traditional business budgets are not enough.

In the UK important estimates have been made in research on subject.

Results published in London by British hospitality and bar trade organizations show challenges that companies face after epidemic devastating effects that slow the recovery.

According to UK Hospitality, British Beer & Pub Association and British Institute of Innkeeping, the easing of restrictions in that country announced this week is not enough to support reopening.

The financial report estimated that such relaxation is not really a relief for the great companies’ challenges.

According to the mentioned entities the main prevailing concerns are related to staffing, the supply chain and the reduction of government support.

The lack of government support is forcing companies to cut hours of operation or close locations entirely. The result threatening to derail the recovery, the analysis noted.

A survey over more than 350 companies operating in tens of thousands of locations found that 100 percent of the business surveyed currently have vacancies.  That mean unfilled jobs due to lack of budget.

Among employees that must be hired for the restart are those in charge of the reception of clients whose lack is 84 percent.

Cooks who are not chefs are absent in a 67 percent and kitchen waiters in 36 percent in the United Kingdom case.

There is also a lack of specialized personnel for managerial positions.

Global jobs for specialized employees are only covered in the sector by 10%, which implies a shortage of more than 200 000 workers in the British case.

The financial turmoil is so tough on these budget businesses that the entities that did the research asked the government for broad support.

“The sector has already lost more than half a million jobs and without adequate additional support, more companies and jobs will be lost,” said a statement.

The statement added that “for hospitality to begin a sustainable recovery, the government must continue to work closely with us to establish the right business environment, including measures such as further easing of commercial rates in the coming year.”

Experts from international tourism industry consulted by TTC said that this is not a problem only for the United Kingdom or Europe but for the whole world.

Good government aid would give industry a chance to recover strongly and help rebuild fragile consumer confidence.


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