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TTC Special: Tourism plus sport a powerful business cocktail

Photo: Pixabay

By Frank Martin

The sports tourism market is taking on a high global dimension now and could achieve great business success over the next decade, experts say.

The good news is that regions like the Caribbean could be greatly favored by the trend to grow in the modality.

That is why a specialized report on the subject published in Europe suggests that in 2030 sports tourism could expand like never.

An example that specialists use to support their analysis in this regard are the values ​​that sector has already obtained on the planet.

According to a report titled “Sports Tourism Market by Product, Type and Category: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2021-2030” published by digital Research and Markets, the size of the global sports tourism market expanded in 2020.

In the next 10 years sports tourism will register an annual increase rate of more than 16% according to those experts.

Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, China, the United States, Spain and Canada have probably headed the forecast and increasingly are using sport to promote tourism.

In these and other countries the relationship between sport and tourism is organized into segments. That means the market is classified by disciplines as soccer, cricket, motorsports, tennis, and others.

The Caribbean region full of fine white sand beaches with a warm tropical climate and exuberant nature already offers diving, surfing, snorkeling, golf, tennis and any other water sport.

A frecuent health advise is that there is no other human physical activity more related to wellness than sport.

The medical concept can strengthen the trend towards the preference of sports tourism over other more sedentary segments.

Covid-19 pandemic has been essentially destructive to crowd-drawing sports because cancellations from regional and even global events have been numerous.

A reverse process is clearly the current reopening. Experts draw attention to the fact that sports tourism segment is the fastest growing travel industry today, generating billions of dollars each year. This does not seem just a coincidence.

A specialized criterion is that sports tourism market will surely expand from physical needs of millions of people emerging from confinement. And also, from psychological troubles either.

The “nostalgia” generated by confinements could be alleviated with individual and collective practice of sports and also attending gratify events.

Outdoor recreation and alternatives to mass tourism are expected to increase their already high popularity in the immediate future.

At the end the sports tourism market could very soon become a “forgetting pill” of epidemic bad times.

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