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TTC Special. Tourism good news: Canada to get vaccinated before summer


Photo by Hakan Nural/unsplash

Canada will measure the results of its intense program against Covid-19 when it reopens its commercial flights to Mexico and the Caribbean on April 30.

The cold country of North America is a crucial tourist supply for many nations that depend on the tourism industry.

Therefore, the commercial flight suspension applied by the Canadian government from January 31 to April 30, 2021 was not a very popular measure for either Mexico or the Caribbean islands.

At the time the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) called the flight restriction “unfortunate.”

The organization recalled that tourism contributes one in ten jobs worldwide not only in regions that live off tourism but also in those that contribute it.

Just days before the flight deadline Canadian authorities are dedicated to achieving the fastest possible population immunization with available vaccines.

Amid a third wave of active cases that erupted last December Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced a one billion Canadian dollars’ investment in vaccine deals.

Ottawa’s plan is to guarantee enough doses of vaccine so that all Canadians were immunized without having to pay for it.

However, experts note that the northern nation still ranks 44th in the world ranking for vaccines per capita, according to data released by Bloomberg news agency.

This occurs because of the emergence in its territory of a wave of new variants of Covid-19 that is already putting pressure on the national hospital system.

Despite these obstacles flights are expected to restart as summer approaches, according to expert’s opinions.

If Canadian flights are reactivated on the indicated date that’s will be good news for Mexico and either for Caribbean destinations.

Although tourism from the United States has been almost unique to the Caribbean with 7 million visitors during the first half of 2019, year by year more and more Canadians have been vacationing on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean islands.

The analysis indicates also that in that 2019 season a new record of arrivals from Canada to the Caribbean was registered with 2.4 million travelers of that nationality.

Canadian airlines are also crucial to the global entertainment industry in Mexico.

Statistics from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico indicate recently that 3 million 677 thousand and 56 passengers arrived in that country on Canadian airlines in 2019 also.

The monstrous and terribly subversive coronavirus reduced the number to 1,815,147 in 2020, a 50.64 percent drop.

The good news is that Caribbean experts believe that Canadian flights will support openings to tourism in that region, especially in the so-called 2021 “high winter tourist season” in this part of the world.

A positive factor will undoubtedly be the vaccines that are already moving around the world, in the Caribbean and also in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced this month that Pfizer would “accelerate” the delivery of 5 million doses of vaccines and bring them to Canada in June.

If the announcement is good Canada will receive about 17.8 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine between April and June, more than a million doses per week.

This would mean that the hope could be real for winter and allow thousands of Canadians to pack their bags and take sunny and beautiful holidays in Mexico and in the warm and attractive Caribbean islands again.

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