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TTC Special. Tourism: Caribbean on the right track

TTC Special. Tourism: Caribbean on the right track

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By Frank Martin

TTC Service. – ForwardKeys a business company offering a new approach about traveler operational business estimated that tourism in the Caribbean grew 4.4% in 2019.

The organization explore global commercial flights last year and verified more than 17 million aircraft reservation operations to elucidate the region’s results in its core industry.

According to the results of this mega exploration, the part of the world that most promoted the Caribbean’s pleasure trips last year was North America, with two colossi the United States and Canada.

The United States accounted for 53% of the global figure and Canada 12% according to the ForwardKeys report published in the Internet.

The study that coincided with other international organizations showed that the Dominican Republic suffered a temporary setback in arrivals to the United States of 21%, although its market global share remained at 29%.

Several deaths during the year of American tourists in Dominican hotels were cases widely reported by local and international press and experts noted this as a negative factor that reduced arrivals.

Spokesmen close to tourism Dominican industry rejected some of the information as “partial.”
However, the destination had a recovery, explained by experts because the loyalty to the market from American “clients” loyal to the Dominican Republic and its attractions.

According to the analysts last year and for those reasons, American tourists nevertheless seemed to prefer in 2019 more frequently than before Jamaica and the Bahamas.

The Dominican Republic maintained a first place in the Caribbean as a destination in the annual period.

In general this was because arrivals from continental Europe increased. Two examples were 30.3%, above Italy, France in 20.9% and Spain in 9.5%.

As always, Cuba attracted special attention in 2019 evidently due to the sanctions of the United States that, far from ceasing, have been strengthened.

The island made an stable performance last year in spite of U.S. sanctions in destinations as Russia and China.

In 2020 the Cuban main objective would be to maintain numerous air routes despite its conflict with Washington.

Olivier Ponti, Vice President of Insights, ForwardKeys, cited in the report in Internet, positively judged the development of Caribbean tourism in 2019.

“While the current advance booking situation is not what one would like, there are many opportunities for the Caribbean’s destiny to grow,” he explained.

Olivier estimated that the Caribbean is wonderful as a destination.

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