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TTC Special: Subscribers Can Help Tourism

Photo: ©Wanida Prapan/123rf

By Frank Martin

Among innovative systems eagerly sought in global tourism to “help” a speedy recovery is one some experts are calling the “Netflix of travel.”

The nickname is  because such a method uses subscriptions in order to provide vacation travel benefits to subscribers.

Some companies  use for years already the so-called “captive clientele”. Now, in addition, the “captive tourist” has already emerged, modestly for the time being.

Specialists warn however that there is no relationship with any objective of “enslaving” anyone with this  kind of method.

What allows its operations are not  chains but  Internet. Can something like this be successful in world tourism?

GlobalData says yes. This is an entity entrenched enough in the worldwide market to know.

GlobalData Plc is a data analytics and consulting firm based in London, England. It employs more than 3,000 people at its offices in the UK, US, Argentina, South Korea, Mexico, China, Japan, India and Australia. Its so-called base is in India.

The firm has already covered ground with the adaptation of the tourism industry to the method of charging a monthly fee to the client in exchange for offers of vacation stays, film offers, movies, music and free shipping.

Studies indicate that this is a great convenience for those who plan vacations without being able to leave their jobs or what they do in daily life. All the information is obtained by the  computer screen.

An early conclusion in this regard is that this business model can generate “a lot of loyalty in clients who hire it”, a highly coveted  personal reaction.

A piece of advice that resonates today with the world under threats of pandemics and wars in the ears of experts is that reopening will be not so hard if it finds ways to satisfy travelers more.

Perhaps more than ever before in the long history of world tourism, people who pay for leisure travel want to know everything before they leave home, even before they arrive not only at the destination but also to the plane or cruise ship.

In order to establish firmly this business model would need it strategic alliances with local providers to bring  users have secure access to different specific services and experiences.

Another observation is that companies will have to target this business model to a certain type of traveler on a consistent basis, as not all people travel enough to make a subscription worthwhile.

“There are already some companies that offer similar services as Final Price, a British company, which for a subscription of 99 dollars a month offer users access to the best rates for flights, hotels and car rental.

Another with a similar model called BRB (Be Right Back ) active a service that for 49.99 sterling pounds facilitates three surprise vacations yearly.

Closer to the Caribbean, in Mexico, Volaris offers its Vpass that allows people to travel once a month to domestic destinations paying a monthly rent, in addition to offering access to other special services at preferential prices.

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