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TTC Special: Sacred places within tourist’s reach

TTC Special: Sacred places within tourist’s reach

Foto: Mac Beláir/123RF

By Frank Martin

TTC Service.-Religious tourism is increasingly important in the smokeless industry because it allows visitors to know intimate aspects of destinations cultures.

The itineraries of the worldwide cruise ships prove that numerous routes that touch those places.

According to statistics, these companies maintain more than 100 cruise itineraries that provide access to sacred places: healing sites, guidance and divine inspiration that are found everywhere.

Believers seek to visit those places in person in search of healing, guidance or divine inspiration.

Tourists who love to get into the cultural and original concepts of the destinations they visit, accompany them, making these trips a fabulous business-

The cruises make the visit possible for people of all ages and abilities.

It is what happens in the Caribbean.

In Jamaica, for example, religion is a way of life.

In the little Anguilla, a guide to “Places of worship” was published not long ago, while in the Dominican Republic there is the Catholic “Route of Faith”.

The Caribbean, and especially Cuba, has been the target of frequent visits by the Catholic Pope.

There are sacred places everywhere.

In South America, Easter Island, Chilean territory, can be recognized as sacred places.

It is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia. His native name is Rapa Nui. It is famous for its archeological sites, including about 900 monumental statues called “moáis”, created by the inhabitants between the 13th and 16th centuries.

In South America they are undoubtedly sacred destinations Macchu Picchu, the Inca city full of magic and ancestral rites that are still being investigated.

Sacred places are visible everywhere.

They are temples, churches, sanctuaries in which their faithful come in direct contact with their faith.

Sometimes they are great places admired by all mankind, even the unbeliever.

And they enrich tourism offers in all their diversity.

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