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TTC Special: Russian tourists look to the Caribbean

TTC Special: Russian tourists look to the Caribbean

Photo: BlueOrange Studio/123RF

Russia and Jamaica agreed about visa waivers specially to encourage visits by Russians on vacation to the island.

The measure “will increase the attractiveness of the Caribbean country to Russian tourists,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters.

Lavrov held talks with his Jamaican counterpart, Kamina Johnson-Smith.

“An intergovernmental visa waiver agreement that the Minister and I signed in New York in September of last year went into effect in November,” Lavrov announced.

“The number of Russian citizens visiting Jamaica has increased significantly since then,” he added. “I am confident that Jamaica will become one of the most popular tourist destinations among Russian tourists,” he said.

Russia is promoting its trade and cooperation ties with the Caribbean, a region that, although far from Moscow, is attractive to its pleasure industry.

From the Russian capital it was also announced that the program of flights for the winter season from the cities of Russia to the Dominican Republic will increase.

Flights will start at the end of October, beginning of November 2019 and will last until March-April 2020.

A tour operator Anex Tour suggested that it will make 4 regular weekly direct flights from Azur Air on the Moscow (Vnukovo) – La Romana route on Boeing 777-300 aircraft with a capacity of up to 527 passengers.

The tour operator plans direct charter flights from Azur Air between La Romana and St. Petersburg once every 11 days, as well as Yekaterinburg (once every 14 days) and Kazan (once every 14 days).

Cuba is another favored by the Russian tourist attention.

Tourism on the island is under attack by sanctions from the United States. The increases in arrivals of Russian and Chinese tourists along with other traditional Cuban issuers can be an excellent antidote to these Washington measures.

Cuba’s tourism minister, Manuel Marrero, estimated that 4.3 million people would visit Cuba this year, less than the goal of more than 5 million, and 4.7 million last year.