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TTC Special: Please don’t forget Caribbean April despite of Covid-19

TTC Special: Please don't forget Caribbean April despite of Covid-19

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By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- April is usually an excellent month in the Caribbean. In April the Caribbean climate is extremely balanced by nature.

The daytime temperature is usually anchored at 29 degrees Celsius.

At night thermometer’s falls to 23 degrees to let us sleep on any beach looking at the stars.

The sea temperature is as desired: 26 degrees Celsius.

It will only disturb those who do not like rain, which usually covers an average of 11 days.

It goes without saying that this paradise has been spoiled by a planetary enemy: the coronavirus.

April as an average month is unforgettable for visitors to the Caribbean region due to its mild climate.

April 2020 will be worth being forgotten by anyone returning from vacation to the region.

Today the king is Covid-19. Warnings to discourage visitor tourism are numerous. Travel bans are everywhere
Warnings abound not to visit the islands because if you become a traveler you risk the impact of the horrible coronavirus and its consequences.

The Eastern Caribbean, which appeared to be escaping with little damage from the pandemic, is strengthening its measures to overcome it.

Restrictions have been applied to the movement and traffic of people and transport. Curfews and quarantines are established.

If any tourist arrives, they can be confined to isolation for 14 days in order to establish that they are not infected.

And what will the Caribbean be like when Covid-19 is just a memory?

The great good news is that tourism will return to its beaches, its culture and its music on the streets. There will be uncertainties as can be expected.

But specialists say that tourists from around the world in 2021 will want to go on vacation to other places in the world and will often choose the Caribbean.

However, there will be many doubts and many will be cautious. The coronavirus has reduced spontaneous feelings from travelers: Safety and trust.

People will wonder how damaged the islands have been in their tranquility after the pandemic, or if there are vestiges of coronavirus. Will public health be effective?

Cruises will have their own concerns.

They may require larger cabins. They will also need lower prices. They will feel the need for emergency plans to prevent unexpected catastrophes like the coronavirus.

Will cruise, plane and hotel rates drop? Experts say yes.

This is what has happened in times of uncertainty.

Earthquakes, hurricanes and terrorist attacks have caused price falls, albeit on a small scale and in places deemed dangerous.

But coronavirus has hit the entire planet.

Probably after fare drops in the main tourist services including transport, prices will rise again.

At the moment it is not known when the Covid-19 will be expired.

However, both hope and human perseverance and audacity are already extending invitations for April in the Caribbean in 2021.

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