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TTC Special: Obama defends drop of the embargo on Cuba

TTC Service.- The US president, Barack Obama, announced its agreement with Cuba to restore diplomatic relations and  announced that asked Congress in Washington to take steps to lift the embargo on the island, which “does not allow Americans to travel and do business”.

The United States and Cuba initially announced the plan to reestablish diplomatic relations late last year. The move at Wednesday 1/7 followed more than 6 months of secret negotiations. But the law forbids Americans to travel to the island as tourists although some may do so if they are in one of the categories of travelers who allow the law.

Since starting the “thaw” between the two countries on 17 December last year, it increased the number of US citizens who were in Cuba. Forecasts say that in the first year after the disappearance of the embargo could travel about a million Yankees to the island.

Progress toward a formal reopening of embassies has progressed slowly. In April, Obama met briefly with Cuban President Raúl Castro on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Panama, symbolically ending more than a half-century of official estrangement. “Over time, it is possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries,” Obama said at the April summit. After the two shook hands, Castro said he agreed with Obama.

Cuban President Raul Castro confirmed from Havana in a letter to US President Obama that he took the decision to restore diplomatic relations with Washington. The Cuban President wrote in his letter, delivered to the State Department in Washington, “that the Republic of Cuba has decided to establish diplomatic relations with the United States and open permanent diplomatic missions in our respective countries on July 20, 2015”.

Cuban authorities said they have decided to restore diplomatic relations with US “in full exercise of their sovereignty, invariably committed to the ideals of independence and social justice, and solidarity with the just causes of the world”.

“The first stage of what will be a long and complex process towards normalization of bilateral ties” concludes, according to the executive of the island, with the restoration of diplomatic ties and opening of embassies. President Barack Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, appeared in the Rose Garden of the White House to announce that an agreement with Havana to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba on July 20 and to open the respective embassies in Washington and Havana has been reached.