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TTC Special: More successes for the Caribbean to need

TTC Special: More successes for the Caribbean to need

Photo: Sunagatov Dmitry/123RF

By Frank Martin

TTC Service.-The Caribbean Tourism Organization ,CTO,  has “new tasks” and objectives before it, according to the opinion of its president, the Minister of Tourism of Saint Lucia, Dominic Fedee.

Fedee believes that the “new times” require that in the name of the region CTO put “order” in its resources to give a definitive boost to its crucial tourism industry.

Two very important branches in the plan are demography and psychography, both aimed at a market analysis that breaks the boundaries of age and immerses in the lifestyles of tourists, their attitudes and especially their opinions.

Fedee, said to the Toronto Travelweek Group digital publication that CTO has to include new tourism emerging brands for the analysis.

All in order that the Caribbean Tourism Organization “is not left behind.”

Fedee said that “times are changing and it is clear that we in the Caribbean most go in a different direction.”

He proposed a collective work of the organization “much better in terms of how we manage and collect data”.

Like many tourist leaders in the area, the Saint Lucia minister called on the region to “join” in order to “combine its resources” efficiently.

All for the sake of “measuring the success” of the Caribbean tourism campaigns in order to increase visitors.

Fedee believes that despite its potentials and success if Caribbean tourism “does not apply changes, there could be problems ahead.”

“I think the CTO is losing the position it used to have 20 years ago. We need to maintain and grow what we have in terms of market share, “he said.

Despite its concerns, the tourism minister told Travelweek Group Travelweek Group, that the Caribbean has no problems for attracting visitors to its beaches. ”

He clarified with international figures that while world tourism has increased 4.4%, tourism to the Caribbean has specifically increased 12% in the last annual period.

Fedee commended Canada’s participation in that success.

“The Canadian market has a solid and constant performance for the Caribbean, and the 2018/2019 winter season was no exception. Statistics for the first quarter of 2019 included 1.4 million Canadian visits to the Caribbean,” said to Travelweek Group