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TTC Special: Latin American tourism impressed by Chinese innovations

Latin American tourism impressed by Chinese innovations

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By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- Argentina together with other Latin American countries admire Chinese innovations.

They seek to take advantage of some, especially an e-commerce platform to promote their tourism products.

A study on tourism development published in Argentina underlined the concept that the national leisure industry should not miss the opportunity to study the Chinese market.

The Xinhua agency cited Emiliana Hidalgo, representative of the Rafaela National University of the city of the same name, in the province of Santa Fe, who underlined the example that China is rapidly developing essential areas such as 5G, electronic commerce and new energy.

The professor said that an opening and reform process that China has been carrying out for more than 40 years has an increasingly closer link with Latin America.

The “initial link” of this part of the world with China has obviously been its “super possibilities” as a tourist market.

Almost every tourist destination in the world seeks to attract Chinese citizens on vacation.

From that objective, the interest in knowing the innovation and development that takes place in the gigantic country is already developing.

Therefore, an international symposium on Innovation and development of China about opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean has been a great success.

Specialists attended mainly from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, United States, Germany and Poland.

XINHUA quoted Prochile’s commercial director in Guangzhou, Hernán Jaramillo, who said at the symposium, held at Sun Yat-Sen University, that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Chile and China over 40 years ago, both countries developed bilateral commercials links, including tourism.

Since 2018, Chile has sent commercial delegations to visit China to analyze its development in education, technological innovation and finance, among other sectors.

The flourishing development of Chinese e-commerce has also provided new commercial opportunities for Argentine and Latin American exporters in general.

Latin American market analysts seem to have understood that Chinese experiences, also in tourism, cannot be ignored.