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TTC Special: Japanese tourists show “appetite” for the Caribbean

TTC Special: Japanese tourists show "appetite" for the Caribbean
By Frank Martin

The Caribbean tourism industry looks forward to Japan, a market of opulent travelers who look with “appetite” at the offers of the region of the sea and the sun.

The “appetite” of the Japanese for Jamaica and a large part of the Caribbean has returned, “according to Jamaican Tourism minister Edmund Bartlett.

Bartlett said the Japanese economy has recovered and they are doing extremely well.

The minister said 20 million Japanese travel around the world every year.

The Asian nation still called by the world as Empire of the Rising Sun, has 130 million inhabitants.

It also has a (nominal) GDP per capita of $ 34,100 million per year.

And the most interesting. The expenses in trips of international tourism reach the 30 billion dollars.

Nothing despicable to the Caribbean.

However, a high level offers and services are needed so that the citizens of the rising sun select a destination in particular.

Market analysis indicates that the Japanese is one of the most demanding tourist in the world and is accustomed to a first level service.

He does not use to assimilate faults, much less inappropriate treatment. It just doesn’t come back.

In other words, look for comfort, convenience, hygiene, quick procedures, transportation facilities and standard services.

And always expects them to speak it in their language, however complex it may be for some.

Its norm is high quality services. A study says they don’t accept rooms without a good bathroom because they like immersion baths. And for them, spas with thermal water are essential.

At dinner time, their demands grow.

The quality of the dishes for them is more important than the quantity.

They do not like meat and, therefore, do not want eat it frequently.

Japanese’s easily reject the so-called western gastronomy and thank yo for enjoying the food of your country several times during the trip.

Bartlett, who has proved himself as an entrepreneurial minister, already has flight arrangements with United States Delta Airline, with proven connections with airlines in Japan. American Airlines also has such links.

The Tourism Minister revealed that Jamaica has been invited to participate as the main exhibitor in the annual national global exhibition of Japan, scheduled for October 24, and take advantage of the outbound travel market.

The head of Tourism in Jamaica has just admitted that he already has a meeting on his agenda with the head of the Japan Tourism Agency (JATA) and the country’s Tourism Minister.

You should take into account in your management that Japanese tourists visiting the Americas depend on air transport and, when they arrive, they usually previously have a well-organized trip and the hotels already booked.

They are sworn enemies of improvisation.