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TTC Special: Hello worldwide tourists: come and get eat!

TTC Special. Caribbean: Recipes show tourist appeal

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By Frank Martin

The global tourism industry, which is trying its best to open up in a very difficult 2022, has found another key in the pursuit of that goal: cuisine.

Globe Newswire, which provides global press distribution services with major operations in North America and Europe, released a report titled “Culinary Tourism Market,” which is the centerpiece of the ongoing culinary tourism program for 2022 and beyond.

The analysis covers the global market its forecasts, outlook and competitive landscape for the immediate future.

The universal entertainment industry seems to understand the widespread maxim that “love enters through the kitchen”. Therefore invites international tourism to cross the threshold with innovative attractions.

The basis of the purpose is precisely the published analysis that affirms that the world gastronomy tourism market could grow by 16.3% during 2022-2028.

The possible increase is considered important if one takes into account the obstacles that this restart faces on the planet, which encompasses not only tourism but the entire world economy.

The report distributed by Globe Newswire provides the urgent gastronomy needs of the tourism industry

Analysts say it presents a clear picture of the global culinary tourism market by segmenting the diverse types of activities.

These study groups are the age rankings, booking mode, and regional traditions.

The study “Culinary Tourism Market” provides detailed profiles of the companies that operate in this branch.

In February 2020, TTC published an analysis (“Caribbean: cooking recipes show its tourist power”) about possibilities of the Caribbean in terms of bringing tourists with fine dining.

At that time, culinary experts told TTC that they saw in the gastronomic profile offerings a diversification of the tourism offer that is crucial for a recovery period of the universal tourism sector today ongoing.

The interviewees then recalled that Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Amerindian, European and Latin American Creole ingredients and formulas, as well as from South Asia, the Middle East and China.

Innovations spread throughout the world so that tourists enter destinations attract by gastronomy.

For example, in 2021 in Mexico a leading business group in sustainable tourism recreation incorporated culinary art in a 900-suite hotel aimed at the Adults Only segment.

“Gastronomy is an art that is also celebrated in this hotel, which will have 9 culinary experiences led by a group of internationally renowned chefs,” announced the gastronomic group from the Xcaret Hotels firm.

One of the proposals at that time was the inclusion of ancestral indigenous foods recipts from the Yucatan Peninsula.

The table of the world tourist is served, one could say without a doubt.


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