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TTC special: Frustrated tourists demand the end of restrictions

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By Frank Martin

The global tourism industry analyzes the results of a survey commissioned by IATA according to which airline travelers are increasingly “frustrated” by the severe restrictions on their trips and when they get to the places where they go.

The discontent is due to many strong restrictions, especially linked to border closures and “unnecessary” rules.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that 67% of the 4,700 travelers interviewed believe that not only are border closures unnecessary but even than failed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The study carried out in 11 markets worldwide showed that 73% of those surveyed estimated that their quality of life is being affected by restrictions on their travels.

The survey coincides with a growing trend of countries whose authorities are making reopening decisions while maintaining some regulations.

One IATA view supported by the survey data is that people estimate their freedom to fly and travel lost and want it restored.”

The analysis around the survey has generated messages from experts to governments sustain that COVID-19 will not disappear and will have to be included in the so-called new normality

Willie Walsh, IATA Executive Director, told reporters that “we must establish a way to manage risks while living and traveling normally operate.

One measure that 84% of those interviewed most vehemently rejected is the application of quarantines, which they estimate should be abolished.

One solution that the survey noted as very popular is to implement effective immunization campaigns that are on the rise around the world.

But the praise for vaccines is not absolute.

Although 80% of those surveyed agree that vaccinated people should be able to travel freely by plane, there were strong opinions against making vaccination a mandatory condition for travel and propose to alternate it with PCR testing.

Psychological profile studies indicated that responses such as these considered paradoxical may reflect the frustration of travelers, who want to travel “freely” again.

People are willing to get tested, Walsh said, but they don’t like high prices and personal inconvenience.

One answer would be a broader acceptance of antigen testing by governments.

This would reduce the inconveniences and costs stipulated by the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organization and which must be borne by governments.

There is also great acceptance among travelers for the use of face masks and other protective methods on travel.

Despite everyone wondering when there will be global control over the pandemic.

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