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TTC Special: FitCuba 2017 in its best year

FitCuba 2017 is based on Playa Pesquero hotel, Holguín. Photo: Gaviota Tourism Group

By F.Martin

TTC Service.- The prestigious International Tourism Fair of Cuba 2017 is celebrated in one of its best years, enjoying a boom of that national sector, which already lasts two years.

The annual fair that is based this time in Holguín, a beautiful region on the east end of the island, has Germany as guest of honor.

The reason why homage has been paid to the Germans is that 125,000 of them visited that Cuban region in 2016, a rise of 44.8 percent compared to 2015. The figure shows part of the growth of arrivals worldwide travelers to the Caribbean country since 2014.

Cuba was visited by 4 million international visitors last year, a record for the country, and expects 4 million 200,000 tourists in 2017. Cuba’s Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz told reporters just before the fair began that Holguin is one of the national regions that has achieved an impact in the different international markets and added that this is the reason why the International Tourism Fair is held in there, about 800 km east from Havana.

Holguin is Cuba’s third largest province, which covers at least 10% of the island’s land surface. The beaches are there by dense vegetation and coral formations, which offer around 50 diving sites.

The province in considered as an eco-paradise. The area stands out for its many natural attractions, a unique ecological environment and stunning green scenery exemplified by amazing national parks, mountains, nature reserves, beaches and cays.

Its capital city is known as the City of the Parks and enjoys a very mild tropical climate as it’s essentially surrounded by the sea. Is a special destination for green tourism, with many dedicated walking paths, mountain routes, hiking trails and opportunities for trekking in Cuba.

The Sierra Cristal National Park in the region, was the first national park created in Cuba in 1930 with an area of 185.37 km2. Cristal Peak is the most visited attraction, which reaches a height in 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) and after Turquino Peak, the second highest on the Cuban island.

FitCuba 2017 is an important part of the Cuban project to become one of the most important destinations in Latin America. The island aims to continue its current unprecedented tourism boom and boost foreign investment in the sector.