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TTC Special: Culinary art crucial in tourism world

TTC Special: Culinary art crucial in tourism world

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By F. Martin

A kingdom still rising in tourism industry around the world is the national cuisine to which several countries are dedicating 2018.

Mexico, Jamaica, Peru and Dominican Republic in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Italy Holland and Germany in Europe among other countries have decided that culinary tourism is a crucial piece of its numerous offers for its visitors

In Mexico and Jamaica food offers pursue the objective of bring a good sample of the national flavor and even their cultures.

TTC Special: Culinary art crucial in tourism world

Photo: Jamaica Tourism Office

Jamaican cuisine recipes like patties and jerk chicken and national beer are unforgettable and Mexico culinary art is a temptation for the appetite of tourists for its many and delicious offerings, especially authentic desserts and treats.  Mexico and Jamaica includes a selection of artistically-driven gourmet desserts.

Churros are one of the most popular Mexican sweets, in which hand-held pieces of dough are deep-fried and smothered in sugar and cinnamon.  Mayan coffee is traditionally made by blending an exotic liqueur called Xtabentún with a dark java brew.

In Peru cuisine garners increasing international attention. Peru’s overall tourism industry has seen steady annual growth over the past decade, thanks in part to the emerging culinary scene.

Peruvian cuisine features diverse ingredients and a wide variety of cultural influences developed over the centuries by the Incas as well as the Spanish colonizers and Asian and African immigrants.

TTC Special: Culinary art crucial in tourism world

Photo: Archive

In Dominican Republic are true artists of the Caribbean kitchen. Very satisfied diners recommend roast pig and crispy. Lebanese-inspired fried dough pockets to beef and plantain casseroles, Dominican gastronomy is full of surprises.

It will be worth trying in that Caribbean country mouth-watering dishes such as grilled octopus with boiled parsley potatoes, homemade pasta with tomato sauce, eggplant, dry ricotta and mint, grilled baby lobster; and new-style red tuna sashimi with hot sesame oil.

On the other side of the Atlantic several destinations rich in offers are dedicated this year to their culinary skills, some very ancient and traditional, known throughout the world, like the Italian.

In Italy 2018 opens with the announcement of the White Night of food, scheduled for August 4 in the squares and museums throughout the country.

The Italian culinary campaign has scheduled a great show for August 4 based on Bacco a masterpiece of the legendary Caravaggio.

The White Night will also use as symbols the banquets in the frescoes found in Pompeii and other works of the rich Italian culture.

Germany chose for 2018 the slogan “Culinary Germany” for their global marketing campaign. The German tourism authorities discovered that 7% of foreigners who visit the country come motivated by the diversity and quality of the culinary offer.

Regarding to the Spaniards visitors German food weighs 10% in terms of the decision to spend their holidays in that country. The study also proved that restaurants and coffee shops are in second place, among the ten most popular tourism activities of those who like foreign vacationers.

“Would you like to taste Dutch foods, learn about the history of Amsterdam and the Netherlands and stroll through the picturesque neighborhoods? Then the Eating Amsterdam Tour is for you!” it is a promotional call from that country in 2018.

“On the Jordaan tour you will sample 12 Dutch foods (plus some drinks!), meet local shopkeepers and maybe even go for a ride through the canals on a beautiful salon boat. There are also evening tours of de Pijp area. Believe me, you won’t go home hungry after either of these tours” the promotion explained.

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