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TTC Special. Coronavirus: Tourists the day after

TTC Special. Coronavirus: Tourists the day after

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By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- The world tourism industry is already studying the day after coronavirus pass away.

The experts common concept is to prioritize tourist care with new rules including personal health.

There is no date yet for the global pandemic to end.

But the anxiety nowadays is highly justified by some mounting improvements in the war against Covid-19.

Experts says that is crucial for the global tourism industry to know what to do from the first minute the pandemic finally disappears.

In the midst of today’s paralized industry, the goal is recovery as quickly as possible.

The good news is that plans are beginning to move. Destinations around the world, including the Caribbean, are waiting to restart.

“Covid-19: Peolple First of all” is a motto launched by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

The UNWTO has launched a truly encouraging message, also closely linked to realities.

The entity believes that in a context of uncertainty exacerbated by the pandemic, the first thing is to have updated and reliable information aimed at tourists and sectors that manage the leisure industry.

UNWTO has called to rule out unnecessary or excessive repercussions applied to visitors.

For the organization is crucial for new rules to include the defense of the travelers health brutally attacked by Covid-19

Among the recommendations are:

-Cooperate closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), the lead agency of the United Nations for the management of this outbreak.

-Ensure with WHO that health measures implemented the day after avoid unnecessary or excesive kind of rules.

-Improve support to the most affected countries.

-To emphasize the resilience demonstrated by tourism and supporting recovery.

The WHO has published some other proposals aimed at those involved in tourism care.

Hotels should attend to some health needs that must arise both physically and psychically after the worldwide pandemia.

One of new rules would be a luggage disinfection area before stored in each accommodation.

It could be required by world health authorities or national authorities that foreing travelers present a medical certificate.

Maybe would be neccesary after de coronavirus to speed up the check-in process in hotels with mobile access cards and not have to interact so much face-to-face.

Restaurants may be required to permanently include a handwashing room at the entrance.

Therefore, it would be necessary to provide wet wipes when sitting to dinner. A detail that will never be small.

Tourists should be confident that the space they occupy in the restaurant is disinfected.

As a tourist receiver, you will have to think about the details related to individual fears that the pandemic will leave in humanity.

Tourism experts around the world recommend innovations and initiatives.

In other words, it will be a matter of immediately adapting each national and therefore the universal tourism industry to a new world of rules and necessary precautions.

Specialists believe that prioritizing special care for tourists will bring back to destinations millions of visitors today unfortunately absent.

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