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TTC Special: CARIFESTA, one of the best ideas that came from the Caribbean

Carifesta create a climate in which art can flourish. Photo: http://guyanatimesgy.com

By F. Martin

TTC Service.- The foundation of Carifesta was a very good idea of the Caribbean region, something that is demonstrated each year with the native culture of dances, music, food and national drinks that this festival unfolds for the benefit of tourism and also the residents of the area’s tropical islands.

CARIFESTA, is an international multicultural event organized by the countries of the Caribbean. The main purpose is to gather artists, musicians, authors, and to exhibit the folkloric and artistic manifestations of the Caribbean and Latin American region.

This event was organized for the first time in 1972 by then Guyana’s President Forbes Burnham, based on a similar event that took place in Puerto Rico in 1952. In 2017 the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) is set to be held next August in Barbados under the theme “Asserting Our Culture Celebrating Ourselves”.

According to the Barbados government a significant numbers of countries have already announced the assistance to CARIFESTA. Every year each host country tries to put its own cultural stamp on the festival. The founders advised that these Caribbean festivals should be inspirational and should provide artists with the opportunity to discuss among themselves techniques and motivations. Besides, it should be educational and entertaining enough on a scale and in a fashion that would commend itself to the Caribbean people.

These holidays are an oasis in terms of regional problems. Carifesta abolished the serious themes, the big political speeches, and if is that possible, the individual concerns.

In 1972 Georgetown, attracted artistes from over 30 Caribbean and Latin American countries. Was from the very beginning a celebration of ethnic and racial diversity which separately and collectively created of cultural expressions that are wonderfully unique to the Caribbean.

Carifesta create a climate in which art can flourish including elaborate musical productions, concerts, recitals and musical shows of folk rhythms, jazz, pop, classics and ballet.

An anthology of new writing from the Caribbean region is produced for CARIFESTA. Groups from over a dozen countries reveal the Caribbean and Latin American folklore.

Those festivals that attract tens of thousands of tourists from around the world are already and for a long the Caribbean cultural heart. In Bridgetown at least six schools will be among the venues for CARIFESTA XIII. The festival Committee, that include the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Stephen Lashley, reported that a target of Carifesta 2017 will be decentralized and have activities throughout the country.

The many schools will also benefit from the refurbishment as we are looking at refinishing and extending some of the stages in the auditoria and school halls, upgrading the furniture and wings.