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TTC Special: Caribbean worries about Climate Change

TTC Special: Caribbean worries about Climate Change

Foto: Auttapon Moonsawad/123rf

By Frank Martin

The Association of Caribbean States warned about the dangers of climate change in the region, in a meeting in Managua, Nicaragua.

In the conference of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) the member states and associated territories, plus international observer organizations, agreed that the area is one of the most vulnerable in the world because of this phenomenon.

The climate change is caused by the development unbridled industrialization, according to analysts who think humans are at risk of disappearing because of the rapid and progressive liquidation of their natural living conditions.

In the conference experts asked for international programs that promote a more sustainable future in the region in the face of the threat of climate change.

An ACS Action Plan 2019-2021 was approved, ratified by the heads of delegations, as well as the Declaration of the Meeting.

The declaration welcomed the political will and commitment shown by some developed countries that assumed responsibility for increasing their contribution to the Green Climate Fund.

In another regional meeting this April organized by the Student Guild of the University of the West Indies (UWI) experts analyzed the climate change impact on the region’s tourism industry.

The University is a public educational system established to serve the higher education needs of the residents of 17 English-speaking countries and territories in the Caribbean.

During the event officials shared their experiences while recalling the damage caused to their tourism product as a result of hurricanes.

They pointed negative impacts in overall economy as a result of natural disasters including damage to infrastructure and shoreline, closure of hotel properties, increased unemployment, and less income for the country.

Minister of Tourism and Urban Renewal in Dominica Robert Tonge pointed out that the region could not stop hurricanes and because of that it is important to be prepared so a rebuilding could take place quickly.

He advised hoteliers to have plans in place for staff and guests in the event of a disaster, while pointing out that communication was critical.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism, International Trade, Industry and Commerce for St Kitts and Nevis Lindsay Grant said given the dependence of the Caribbean on tourism, it was important to ensure countries were able to quickly recover form a natural disaster.