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TTC Special: Caribbean tourism reopening as pandemic slowly recedes

Caribbean tourism

Photo: ©rfranca/123rf

By Frank Martin

Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas have in common their progress as tourist destinations as covid-19 epidemic recedes step by step in 2021 while still threatening a return.

The picturesque Jamaica’s look for a better 2021 winter after a summer borders reopening applying essential security measures.

According to recently published statistics, the island made almost 80 million dollars generated by 40,000 tourists it received in the last three months.

The reggae island  knew how to combine solutions to defeat Covid-19 and start the rescue of its tourism industry.

Jamaican authorities opened doors to international travelers on June 15 last.

At the time, its battered economy was forecasting potential losses of more than 10 billion USD if  shutdown continued.

The revenues already announced are a clear example that the restart program with security measures was a success, according to the country’s Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett.

Another destination of great importance in the Caribbean and America, the Dominican Republic did not fail in a risky opening that included health care offers well received by tourists.

The so-called Free Medical Coverage Plan that is yet granted to all tourists who arrive on commercial flights to the country and stay in a hotel for the duration of their stay met its objective of attracting travelers.

The result led to the offer being extended under government’s financial risk.

Despite its own severe Covid-19 epidemic Cuba maintained, a cautious tourist opening  in some of its  most important vacations places far from the big cities.

News from the island announced the  gradually open of its borders from next November 15 if the pandemic recedes.

If the objective is met the travelers hygienic-sanitary protocols will be  lighter together with other precautionary measures.

The whole of countries will apply openings that include combating the pandemic through various measures.

Experts say that opening risks are worth it as long as ways are found to defeat the coronavirus.

Caribbean countries lost  at least 460 million visitors to the worst epidemic on the planet.

It is what happened to The Bahamas that learned the hard way about  destructive outcome of Covid-19.

Since last September 3, these islands allow only cruise ships that arrive at their ports with all passengers over 12 years vaccinated.

Before a cruise ship dock, captain has to issue a crew and passenger manifest disclosing the vaccination status of each.


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