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TTC Special. Caribbean: seeking wellness for tourists

TTC Special. Caribbean: seeking wellness for tourists

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By Frank Martin

One of the main goals of the Caribbean is to attract high performance wellness travelers from all over the world.

Experts in the region believe that the Caribbean could be sold as a destination of well-being for various reasons, among others its offers of quiet vacations, healthy food, thermal springs and paradisiacal rural backwaters.

According to a general definition, wellness tourism is a trip with the purpose of promoting health through physical, psychological or spiritual activities.

This relatively new tourist modality is also a good business for the industry.

Wellness tourism around the world grew from a market of 563 billion (all figures in US dollars) in 2015 to 639 billion in 2017, a rate of 6.5 percent per year.

North America tops the list of income from wellness tourism with 242 billion dollars per year.

But Europe hosts the majority of wellness trips (292 million) and Asia and the Pacific is the leading region for growth of this important modality.

This way of taking care health and traveling is able to revitalize each time with more methods of beneficial relaxation.

The Caribbean is quickly integrated into this specialty.

This month a conference title Wellness Mastermind Meeting was organized by the regional entity Caribbean Wellness and Education

At the conference on the islands of Turks and Caicos spa experts and wellness professionals, hoteliers and spa providers met.

The welfare tourism services offered in Turk and Caicos are as advanced as in other Caribbean islands.

Is not indeed a limited tourist modality because the well-being goes beyond a luxurious spa and a gigantic swimming pool to diverse matters.

Wellness Tourism offers healthy foods, physical conditioning, the achievement of a balance between mind and body, objectives that are not easy to get.

The welfare tourism pleasure industry has found another development path.

Is a potential pillars the so-called “hospitality hybrids” or welfare hotels equipped with good gyms and spaces for this modality.

Experts believe that many destinations have only recently begun to think about how they can position themselves to attract wellness tourism.

The reason is that well-being, health and tourism are increasingly united concepts.

People throughout the world seek wellness almost every day.

They already have an active and healthy lifestyle and want to carry this behavior in their suitcases.

Travelers are also increasingly seeking to connect with destinations through nature and local traditions that generate well-being and understanding.

And there are already very specialized places in the world.

For example, on the southeast coast of Spain, a medical spa offers a detoxifying and delicious macrobiotic menu, and offers a wide range of treatments, from scientific treatments such as sleep disorders, genetic medicine and preventive to healthy (Reiki, massage).

His founder promises a change in lifestyle not only to achieve peace or spiritual balance but also to fight cancer.

The treatments and methods of that and other resorts are designed to encourage guests to reevaluate and focus their minds and bodies through daily exercise classes and information sessions covering topics such as emotional intelligence and detoxification.

Wellness resorts do not exclude weight loss programs, recovery of physical form, stop smoking, control stress and optimize health and life expectancy.