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TTC Special: Caribbean Sea: Ferries begin to move

TTC Special: More successes for the Caribbean to need

Photo: Sunagatov Dmitry/123RF

By Frank Martin

The ferries, small picturesque, agile and useful boats, resumed in February travels between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico good news for regional tourism amid so much bad news generated by Covid-19.

A company that owns those kind of boats in the Caribbean officially promised that will maintain health and safety protocols in order to take care of guests, crew and their employees.

All precautions are aimed against the spread of the new coronavirus.

The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) of the Dominican Republic announced that travelers will have to present in arrivals forms of entry and exit including health data.

In the case of Puerto Rico, passengers with the intention of entering that island must present a negative test that indicates that they do not have the SARS-CoV-2.

The restart of the always pleasant tourist trips of ferries in the Caribbean Sea is one more step of the leisure industry towards a new era.

Tourism transport experts believe that ferries traveling between the Caribbean islands could broaden the prospects for the vacation sector to recover.

A ferry is not just a merchant ship that is used to transport passengers, vehicles and cargo.

It also means rides with many delicious stops that multiply a vacation trip.

Not for nothing in Venice ferries are so-called buses or water taxis.

Ferries thanks to their versatility can have “stops” on several islands just in a single trip.

The islands of the Lesser Antilles, for example, are ideal for ferries.

This happen because the region could be compared to a path with steps with intervals of sea water from Cuba to South America.

With a little bit of imagination it is really possible to compare the Caribbean and its islands with a tropical avenue connected by those boats that are increasingly modern and safe.

The ships are not gigantic and deep draft like cruisers. Saving the distances are small and agile nautical vehicles that can design diverse and fun itineraries.

It is true that large and small airplanes are fast, but not all can provide a majestic ride through a blue sea like the Caribbean.

In general, the flight is fast and due to the short distances it does not allow you to see much or feel the sea breeze.

Despite these characteristics, ferries are still not abundant between the Caribbean islands.

As paradoxical as it may seem, there are not many ferry connections between the Caribbean islands.

The reason is that many travelers use airplanes to jump from one island to another.

Airlines tend to offer good deals that are hard to refuse.

On the other hand, cruise ships have managed to capture the imagination of the average traveler and his purchasing power.

But if you don’t own a yacht, ferry trips are ideal for travelers with an old love affair with the sea but with a limited pocket.

The old ferries are a part of island life, of its cultures and habits. The natives often use them in their normal lives.

These ferries can transport people through a new and unknown marine world.

Many of the ferries are large enough to offer a First Class area, amenities, reclining seats, snack bar, lounge and duty free shops.

And they’ll be a great part of the holiday after the monster virus was left behind.

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