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TTC Special: Caribbean need a global warming proof-tourism industry

TTC Special: Caribbean need a global warming proof-tourism industry

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By Frank Martin

TTC Service.- The weather, one of the trump cards of the tourism industry in the Caribbean, is changing for the worse because of global warming.

This natural phenomenon makes peremptory the search in the region for an invulnerable climate.

Could it be achieved?

The objective can be seen by some as only realizable by gods.

But governments and diverse private companies in the Caribbean islands have concluded that the goal can be achieved with a joint regional work that facilitates the use of procedures to be applied in the midst of a climatic phenomenon.

Other solutions are expected to go beyond urgent regional coordination. One of then are new technologies in construction materials and innovatons of artificial intelligence.

An appointment that fulfilled one of the proposals was the most recent Caribbean Travel Marketplace held last January in Nassau, Bahamas.

The meeting was attended by about 500 delegates representing more than 170 tourism companies.
During the meeting several tourism ministers included a novel theme: a global warming proof-tourism industry.

The Tourism minister of the host country, Moses Kirkconnell spoke about the extreme importance of “understanding that we all depend on each other” in the face of the blows of nature.

Climate and its transformation and threats are increasingly frequent in the agendas of conferences and meetings of the leisure industry throughout the world.

Possible solutions also proliferate for practical purposes … and and for immediate application if is possible.

A manual prepared by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) tries to help the preparation, response and recovery of the tourism sector after the impact of some of the dangers that lurk.
The disaster risk management guide tries to foster a culture of preparation in the management of destinations.

The experts in the area affirm that guidelines are essential to deal with disasters regionally. A common strategy is not just about money but about medium and long-term proposals.

Universal problem
Nowdays Caribbean specifically faces well-known natural hazards such as hurricanes, droughts and sea penetrations.

Global warming is making them more frequent and severe.

Ultramodern construction projects especially hotels proliferate.

Those of bioconstruction that in terms of long term could, at least theoretically, stop temperatures from rising from ecological materials stand out.

In addition, flexible and cost-effective building materials are sought to make winds in the midst of major storms less destructive and flood drainage more effective.

Invulnerabletourism or worse disasters.

The concept of climate-resistant tourism is not science fiction.

The Caribbean need it for today, say scientific studies. It is also confirmed by the news, when they show the serious loss of life and the collapse of economies that in some cases never come out again.

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