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TTC Special: Caribbean measures on Omicron extended to 2022

Caribbean tourism industry

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By Frank Martin

Royal Caribbean International announced that it has stopped accepting new reservations for its cruises that leave in early January because of a precaution about Ómicron, the new form of the coronavirus.

Only hours before the end of the old year in Caribbean region or around the world sanitary precautions  rely on new protocols in order to avoid contamination than in frontiers  total closures.

Royal disclosed that measures are intended to further limit capacity on board and better accommodate physical distancing.

The reason for the decisions is Omicron, the coronavirus modality that emerged in the midst of tourism industry reopening worldwide.

In the last two weeks, Royal Caribbean reported Covid-19 cases had arisen on some of its ships, including the Odyssey of the Seas, and the Symphony of the Seas.

None of the big cruise ships. canceled trips but, sanitary actions.

Are really bad, news for the Caribbean and other destinations that Omicron extended to the United States and Europe, strong emitters of vacation travelers.

In the old continent authorities take again measures left behind several weeks ago against the Covid-19 epidemic, according to recent health analyzes.

During the last few weeks and more by way of forecasts than alarms, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian cruisers firms adjusted. navigation protocols and began to require that even vaccinated guests wear masks inside their ships except when they eat or drink.

A few hours before the end of 2021 in the case of the Caribbean region, new protocols are being adopted in the islands, which, however, are not resorting to even more confinements.

In Barbados the authorities disclosed that they will not impose a ban on citizens to travel abroad, and in relation to entry protocols they will not deny the entry of visitors either.

In Dominican Republic, a considerable reduction in contagion cases and a low positivity of the Covid-19 virus was reported last week. But local health authorities have issued warnings. about the new variant of the virus.

In the last hours, the World Health Organization for Europe asked governments to prepare for a “significant rebound” in coronavirus cases throughout the old continent due to the mutation that is already prevalent in several nations.

However, scientific details released around the world indicate that Ómicron has so far caused just 70% fewer hospitalizations than the more active Delta modality and its lethality is lower

It does seem certain that 2022 will not be free from the risks of an expansion of the pandemic due to Ómicron.

However, international health organizations and scientists have stressed that there is currently better preparedness to face the risks.

The most founded hopes rest on vaccines some news in development process and on new health protection methods such as safer face masks.


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