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TTC Special. Caribbean 2019: Celebrate and have a good time

TTC Special. Caribbean 2019: Celebrate and have a good time

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By Frank Martin

In 2019 Havana is turning 500 years old.

Founded under the cooling shade of a ceiba tree in El Templete, the site where the first mass and town council meeting of Havana was held back on 16th November 1519, the city’s full name was San Cristobal de La Habana.

El Templete remains venerated as that sacred, mystical place where crowds gather as the Historian of the City celebrates the city’s anniversary every year.

Like in Cuba, In the English spoken Caribbean islands 2019 is an exciting one with a number of music festivals planned for all sorts of tastes.

While soca and reggae are the main sounds of the Caribbean, the beauty of the region provides the perfect backdrop for all genres of music to be celebrated.

Other special events are announced for this year in the paradisiacal region.

Soon, Jamaica will be the set of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film production.

The Mirror UK has confirmed that the filming is scheduled to get underway in the coming days in Norway and that Jamaica will be the central location for the film.

Jamaica was featured heavily in the first ever James Bond film Dr No in 1962. The filmed featured a famous scene where actress Ursula Andress emerged from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. British novelist Ian Flemming wrote the original James Bond novel at his Golden Eye in St. Mary, Jamaica.

Somehow all the events described invite tourists to celebrate and have a good time. The plan for the year is to organize many more festivities.

By chance or not, every celebration project in the region in 2019 helps the Caribbean in its goal of offering international tourists a year of festivities.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) declares 2019 “The Year of Festivals”.

Past year’s successful Year of Rejuvenation support CTO in this annual celebration for 2019 with the unique rhythm and tempo of each CTO destination.

“The Year of Festivals will focus on the fascinating events that have become an integral part of the Caribbean tourism calendar. Festivals help to energize communities across the region, while giving visitors more reasons to enjoy our destinations,” said Hugh Riley, Secretary General of CTO.

“In addition to providing an opportune time for vacationers to visit, these celebrations also emphasize the unique characteristics that define the many diverse backgrounds and traditions which comprise the Caribbean’s cultural tapestry” added Riley.

The 2019 Caribbean Year of Festivals are promoted through social media and traditional media channels and create opportunities for travellers and vacation planners to share their experiences.

Although Cuba is not a member of the CTO, it can offer the same magic and rhythm as other islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The Cuban archipelago also exerts an attractive appeal to the world of international cinema since it was frequently selected in the 1940s and 1950s to film American and Mexican works mainly.

So make your reservations to visit the Caribbean during the rest of the year.

From Guyana to Cuba, the Caribbean is chock full of festivals spanning everything from food to diving.