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TTC Special: Beaches are the Caribbean highlight

TTC Special: Beaches are the Caribbean highlight

Varadero is considered one of the best beaches in the world. Photo: Julio Rivalta/123RF

By Frank Martin

“The tourist highlight” of the Caribbean is still its magnificent and warm beaches and its gentle sea.

The surveys in the main tourism-emitting markets show that, when traveling to the Caribbean, holiday travelers enjoy local cultures, festivals of all kinds and the cuisine of the Caribbean islands.

But those international tourists cannot miss the majestic beaches.

One of these analyzes shows that the main destinations around the world in 2019 include the Caribbean as an important receiver of travelers who like the ocean to spend their free time.

Around 50% of all tourists in the world practice water sports and swim.

It is also true that many people visit national parks, historical sites, museums, aquariums, theme parks and zoos.

But tourist snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and canoeing are also some of the most common tourist attractions and cannot be forgotten by tour operators.

An undeniable Caribbean reality is that the region has enough white sand beaches to attract the most demanding tourism.

An example is Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. That beach is located east of the Dominican Republic, in the province of La Altagracia.

TTC Special: Beaches are the Caribbean highlight

There operate several hotel complexes, whose total surface area is approximately 420,000 m² (equivalent to 42 hectares or 0.42 km²).

Punta Cana has a pleasant tropical climate. Although it is a bit windy, the ocean in the area is shallow, with several natural marine pools in which visitors can bathe.

The climate is fairly constant, with an average temperature of 26ºC.

Another jewel in the Caribbean is Varadero, in Cuba.

Varadero is near Havana. Only 130 km east of the Cuban capital.

It is a relatively exclusive place on the island with abundant private hotels, beautiful beaches and the only complete golf course in the country.

The fantastic beaches with warm and turquoise waters make this island a paradise for sea lovers.

Not far from the Cuban coast, Bermuda is an autonomous overseas British territory in the Atlantic Ocean in the northern Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of South Carolina.

The beach of Horseshoe Bay is one of the beautiful places that Bermuda can offer its visitors on vacation.

In Barbados, Bathsheba is a small town on the open and steep coast.

The beach of Bathsheba is far from the crowds and the luxury hotels and it’s worth it.

Even in winter, in mid-November, we are likely to enjoy a sandy beach in the Caribbean.

There are many beaches on these islands, and some spectacularly isolated places where you can make the dream of a private beach a reality.

It is estimated that some 600,000 people spend more than US $ 300 million a year to observe sharks, securing some 10,000 jobs around the world.

The observation of marine fauna is also a crucial tourist niche for some Caribbean countries.

There are many reasons for the region to take care of its nature in the face of the climatic threats it faces.