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TTC Special: 2021 Caribbean feat against Covid-19

Main Spanish hotel chains maintain preponderance in the Caribbean. Picture: ©maridav/123RF

By Frank Martin

The Caribbean region partially outpaced Covid-19 when in the first half of 2021 attracted more traveler arrivals than in other tourist destinations around the world despite severe drops everywhere.

According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization, CTO, at that time arrivals to the Caribbean declined as everywhere because of pandemic.

But foreign visitors who vacationed on the islands during the first six months of this year were 6.6 million, a high rate in spite  of  the epidemic circumstances.

CTO stressed that total of the Americas arrivals statistics including the Caribbean in those six months did not escape from falls due to the epidemic although in proportion were lower than those registered in the rest of the world.

These and other data reveal a good job specifically for Caribbean destinations against the epidemic consequences.

CTO specialists pointed out in their report that during the first half of 2021 the Caribbean had a better situation avoiding a big disaster

In part this goal was due to overnight tourist visits which increased considerably. The islands make one million arrivals in April, 1.2 million in May and 1.5 million in June.

This relative “bonanza” despite the pandemic and its worst economic consequences, was due to United States tourists.

Figures indicate that 4.3 million Americans visited the Caribbean region during the first half of this year.

The figure led to an increase of 21.7% compared to the same period in 2020. Increase in tourism flights contributed to the results

“These are encouraging signs that the hard work our member countries have done to adapt to the changing environment of the pandemic is beginning to pay dividends,” said Neil Walters, Acting Secretary General of the CTO.

The executive added that “even as we adopt a recovery mindset and the opportunities that the pandemic has afforded us, we must remain aware of the challenges we currently face.”

He also mentioned as a warning “the potential challenges that a dynamic situation such as the pandemic may still present.”


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