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TTC Special. 2019: Rejuvenation and Festivals in the Caribbean

TTC Special. 2019: Rejuvenation and Festivals in the Caribbean

By F.Martin

TTC Service.-The Caribbean tourist industry will continue to search in 2019 for the fountain of youth this time through lively festivals.

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has declared 2019 Year of Festivals. That is on the heels of the past year’s successful Year of Rejuvenation.

The reasons for this goal are the same as in 2018. To ensure that the region’s crucial tourism sector continues its recovery after the destructive hurricanes that hit it more than a year ago.

Last January that was the message of the CTO.  In a statement CTO Secretary General Hugh Riley offered a year of revitalization. “Our Caribbean people are a resilient population. We will put the bricks and mortar back together and the hotels and vegetation will rise again and shine in the brilliant sunlight”, he said at that time

A year ago the recovery efforts throughout the Caribbean continue. “The Year of Festivals will focus on the fascinating events that have become an integral part of the Caribbean tourism calendar. Festivals help to energize communities across the region while giving visitors more reasons to enjoy our destinations,” said Riley this time.

“In addition to providing an opportune time for vacationers to visit, these celebrations also emphasize the unique characteristics that define the many diverse backgrounds and traditions which comprise the Caribbean’s cultural tapestry” he added.

According to CTO the 2019 Caribbean Year of Festivals will be promoted through social media and traditional media channels and will create opportunities for travelers and vacation planners to share their experiences.

“While each destination is unique and inviting in its own right, the common denominator for all Caribbean societies is a yearning to celebrate life – and each Caribbean country provides a beat that can’t be replicated elsewhere,” said Riley.

The Year of Festivals will highlight music, art, sailing, lights, food, rum, religious, literary and dance festivals celebrated throughout the region.

“It’s a theme which can easily be embraced by all CTO member destinations,” Riley noted.

CTO will assist member countries with an assortment of promotional concepts and opportunities which can be implemented around the theme of festivals to appeal to consumers, travel professionals and creators of unique vacation experiences.

When CTO declared 2018 the Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation in the Caribbean emphasized the region’s offerings, ranging from yoga retreats to beachfront workouts and more.

The organization pointed out that as the region rebuilds and comes back better than ever, visitors can also see the destinations as a place for their own revitalization.