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Tropicana’s 80 Years Under the Stars

Tropicana’s 80 Years Under the Stars

A living legend among the world’s most famous cabarets, Tropicana was officially inaugurated on December 31, 1939 as Boit de Nuit, which is why on December 31, 2019 it will be celebrating its 80th anniversary.

The campaign to celebrate the date and pay homage to that symbol of Havana nightlife, among its novelties, it plans to reinforce the current show ¡Oh La Habana! also coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Cuban capital.

Built on plots of land of the former Villa Mina recreation estate, belonging to Frenchman Regino Du Rapaire Truffin, its exclusiveness and natural atmosphere rapidly made it a success from the start.

Tropicana’s 80 Years Under the Stars

A great deal is owed to Martin Fox in the project of this cabaret unequaled on the planet: parabolic arch of the entrance, passageways among palm trees, open-air dance runways, exotic garden decoration, all the colorful and exuberant things that synthesize the image of the Paradise Under the Stars, world renowned as the mecca of the open-air shows, on whose stages music, dance, sumptuous wardrobes, audacious architecture and a profusion of vegetation is masterfully harmonized.

It alternates with the no less prestigious Arcos de Cristal salon, a more achieved example of the 1950s architecture representing the aesthetic significance of tropical nature, winner of the Gold Medal Prize of the National College of Architects in 1953.

Two sculptures identify Tropicana: the Ballerina, which has become its symbol, sculpted by Cuban Rita Longa, and the delicate The Fountain of the Muses sculptural group, conceived by Italian artist Aldo Gamba and located in the gardens.

The stages of the emblematic cabaret are proud to have been witness to the most valuable of the Cuban and international artistic world; the set for multiple events of world importance and exhibiting sumptuous musical shows, in whose history artistic director Roderico Neyra, Rodney, holds a very special place.

Belonging to the Palmares Non-Hotel Enterprise, Tropicana is visited by tourists from more than 70 countries who register a satisfaction rate of more than 97% and enjoy each night its glamour, preserved intact throughout these 80 years.