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Traveler survey reveals stress factors of business travel

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While 89% of business travelers say employee wellbeing is a priority at their company, only 51% feel that their company provides traveler wellbeing support, according to a recent BCD Travel  survey  of 875 business travelers worldwide.

“Air transaction levels are currently at over 50% of pre-COVID levels and they continue to rise,” said Mike Janssen, Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at BCD. “As employees get back to travel, companies should be aware of key stress factors for business travelers, stemming from disruptions related to ongoing pandemic uncertainties, travel restrictions and geopolitical events. Our most recent research offers insights and advice.”

The survey found that pre-trip stress is caused more by complex procedures and sudden changes and less by the booking process. According to the survey respondents, these are the three main stress factors before a trip:

Understanding COVID regulations and preparing required documents (54%)

Re-booking in case of changes or cancellations (44%)

Reconciling trip and personal life (41%)

Booking flights (18%) and accommodations (16%) are the least stressful.

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