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Orkney Shortest Flight Pilot to Retire

Orkney Shortest Flight Pilot to Retire

  Scotland.- The Scottish pilot Stuart Linklater retired after completing 12 000 trips on the 1.7 mile route between Westray and Papa Westray, the world’s shortest scheduled flight.

Turkish Airlines Flew U.S. Couple to Wrong Destination

Turkish Airlines Flew U.S. Couple to Wrong Destination

Los Angeles, USA.- When Sandy Valdiviseo and her husband triet to planned their trip to Dakar, Senegal, they never thought it was going to be the weirdest and longest voyage of their lives. In stead of landing at Dakar, the U.S. couple ended up in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Singing Passenger Caused AA Los Angeles-New York Flight to Divert to Kansas

Singing passenger American Airlines

Kansas City.- Passengers flying on an American Airline direct flight from Los Angeles to New York had an unscheduled stop over in Kansas City to get rid of a disruptive travel mate who almost drove them crazy singing out loud “I will always love you,” the song the late Whitney ...

The Space is closer than Ever for Tourists

Mojave, California.- Virgin Galactic spaceline is closer to make space enthusiasts’ dream come true. Its SpaceShipTwo went supersonic in a 10-minute test flight over the Mojave Desert.

A New aircraft Joins Cubana de Aviacion Fleet

Havana.- The first of the three Antonov 158 (AN-158) aircrafts bought by the Cuban government to reinforce Cubana de Aviación fleet landed on the José Martí International Airport from Kiev, Ukraine.

The strongest March quarter for Delta Airlines

Atlanta, Georgia.- Delta Airlines results for the March 2013 quarter represent the company’s strongest March quarter financial and operational performance in over a decade, said Richard Anderson, Delta’s chief executive officer.