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Tourist Record in Dominican Republic


The Caribbean’s principal destination closed 2015 with the arrival of 5.6 million visitors, including foreigners and non-resident Dominicans, representing an 8.9% growth with respect to the previous year, the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, revealed.

The executive described 2015 as extraordinary for Dominican tourism, which registered a 6.3% increase in the sector of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants. In addition, the tourist sector brought in more than six billion dollars.

The top authority of the Central Bank highlighted that with a 7% growth the Dominican economy ranked, for the second consecutive year, as the leader in economic growth in Latin America, way above Panama (5.9%), Bolivia (4.5%), Nicaragua (4.0%), Guatemala (3.9%), Honduras (3.4%), Colombia (3.1%) and the other with less than 3.0%, with the region’s average being -0.4% according to ECLAC.

Moreover, Albizu specified that the activity with the greatest contribution to the GDP growth in 2015 was Construction, a sector that, among other factors, has received a boost with the boom in hotel projects.