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Point of View: About rumors, prohibitions and travels to Cuba

On Cuba oncubamagazine.com An article stating that the US Congress would approve a general license that would allow US citizens to travel to Cuba, which, in the opinion of experts, would be imminent, brought about a strong rumor implying the lifting of travelling restrictions imposed by the US Treasury.

U.S. may Ease Rules on Travel to Cuba

New York.- While more than half a million Americans are already traveling to Cuba legally every year, the door could open wider. There are indications of a thawing of relations, even as the decades-old embargo remains in place, according to travel professionals who gathered Saturday at The New York Times ...

Tourism Workers’ Day in Cuba

Havana.- The celebration in Cuba of the Tourism Workers’ Day every March the 4th looks for the setting up of the tourism workers union, and its members aim for higher quality in its operations in expansion, according to the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.