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Mountains means money in Dominican Republic

The new Environment minister Bautista Rojas in Dominican Republic said the country joined yesterday’s International Mountains Day celebrations with several activities to mark an event held since 2003, when the United Nations set aside every December 11 to raise awareness on their sustainable use.

Brazil continues to drive growth in the Americas

In terms of outbound travel South Americans are ahead of everyone else in the Americas. In 2012, they undertook 12 per cent more trips abroad than last year, marking a new record. The country clearly driving growth is Brazil.

CNN: U.S. citizens Hurdles in travels to Cuba

After decades of false starts, the Obama administration has reinstituted legal travel to Cuba as a way to reach out to the Cuban people. But U.S. visitors coming via people-to-people trips shouldn’t plan on too much beach time” according to CNN.

Barbados more attractive to international business

The Barbados Minister of International Business and International Transport, George Hutson, said to the official agency BGIS that the more a country has to offer, the more people will be attracted to its shores.

Strong Cuban tourism impact in Europe

The Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR)of Cuba report that the Cuban destination attraction grows among European travelers from public contact with Cuba´s benefits and its potential for recreation.

Costa Rica: top medical tourism destination

Reuters British news agency is reporting that Costa Rica is competing with India, Brazil, Panama and Mexico for the title of top medical tourism destination. Its proximity to the United States gives it a greater edge, in comparison to further locations, like Asia.