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Tourism: Japan increasingly attracted to Caribbean offers

Tourism: Japan increasingly attracted to Caribbean offers

Photo: Shao-Chung Wang/123RF

By Frank Martin

TTC Service.-Japan’s interest in the Caribbean islands is growing over the years and tourism is undoubtedly among the economic sectors favored by this inclination.

The policies in this regard of the Japanese government, and especially its Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, currently drives the interest of the average Japanese to spend vacations in the far region.
Abe developed an 11-day tour of five Latin American and Caribbean countries in the summer of 2014.

A fundamental step at that time was a first summit between Japan and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). “Japan is committed to” more proactively “promoting” peace, stability and prosperity in the region, the prime minister said.

He also carried several good proposals in his suitcase for the Caribbean states and their crucial industry: the tourism.

A fundamental one was the announcement by Abe of a $15 million fund granted to eight Caribbean countries in part with the objective of mitigating the impact of climate change.

Tokyo then promised aid to the Caribbean on issues of great interest to the islands, such as the development of flood hazard maps, early warning systems for disasters and effective flood control measures to improve hurricane and flood resistance, a point Caribbean crucial.

Six years later Japan has open doors to the Caribbean tourism industry that the Asian country seems willing to use thoroughly, especially in Jamaica.

Jamaica and the rising sun
Jamaica’s successful economy, its strategic location, connectivity, natural resources, cultural status and pro-business approach make it the ideal investment destination.

An edition this month of the important Japan Times newspaper stressed that Jamaica has grown every year since 2013, with its gross domestic product (GDP) increasing by 1.5 percent in 2018.

The publication stated that this Caribbean island has “many advantages for investors, especially because of its location.”

According to Japan Times, Jamaica is currently building a tourist offer that meets the objectives of visiting tourists.

Those goals are the gastronomy; entertainment, music and sports; Health & Wellness; purchases; and knowledge. ”

Another powerful offer is the annual festivals for two of its most recognized products, coffee and rum, which will soon be joined by cocoa with the popular chocolates it produces.

The Japanese newspaper said that instead in Japan there is great interest from tourists and investors who want to experience tours of the mountainous regions where coffee is harvested.

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