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TTC Special: Responsible tourists are needed

TTC Special: Responsible tourists are needed

By Frank Martin More than 1,500,000,000 tourists travel the world every year, an excellent figure for the coffers of the global tourism industry, but worrying news for nature. The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has asked travelers to “reprimand” their habits by going around the world to help the environment. ...

Special TTC: A New Era of Responsible Tourism for the Caribbean


  TTC Service.- With the establishment of the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Greater Caribbean (STZC), the first such a project the world over, the region is on its way to lead the globe in the new era of responsible tourism.

Adventure tours and sustainable tourism: new trends at ITB Berlin

Forward-looking events on Adventure & Responsible Tourism , Adventure Tours celebrates its tenth anniversary at ITB Berlin with a pow-wow for trade visitors under the slogan of ”Earth‘s Wetlands & Geoparks – Celebrating Earth Heritage, Sustaining Local Communities“.