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TTC Special: Hurricanes, number one Caribbean tourism enemy.

By F. Martin TTC Service. – The catastrophic impact of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean prove that these kind of terrible storms are still the tourism “enemy number one” in the region. And the worst thing is that climate change makes them more intense and erratic. In Haiti and Jamaica ...

TTC Special: Caribbean hurricanes soon return

TTC Service.- After a period of atmospheric  peace, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the United States  southern  are  preparing  again  their  annual “war” against hurricanes.

TTC Special: Climate changes in the Caribbean: NO time to loose

TTC Service.- A  warning of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre that provides climate change-related policy advice and guidelines to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states, said recently that the two dozen island nations of the Caribbean, and the 40 million people who live there, are in a state of ...

TTC Special. Caribbean: Who’s afraid of hurricanes?

TTC Service.- Hurricanes are a weather phenomenon that besides threatening Caribbean countries, often scaring tourists. These monstrous tropical storms arise in the warm Caribbean sea every year from June to November.