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The Caribbean’s Undiscovered Places


  The Caribbean Journal magazine has published a list of some undiscovered places in the caribbean destinations. Travel Trade Caribbean has chossen the first fives of them. There are amzings landscapes that you may visit.

Dominican Republic in Top Resa: New Strategic Agreements

Repubblica Dominicana in Top Resa

Paris (France).- The Dominican Republic has been confirmed as the principal long-distance destination for the French. The results of the negotiations at the Top Resa 2013 International Tourism Fair in Paris last September 24-27, where the Caribbean country was present with a 200m2 stand, demonstrate this.

Martinique and the Rum Route

Isole de Martinica

  The Caribbean is a geographical area identified with tourist trips, in which two physical structures stand out: the Caribbean Sea and the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean partially closed to the north and east of the current Antilles. It owes its name ...

TTC Special.- Nude tourism. Inappropriate?

TTC Service.- Nudism in tourist beaches and other public places is still criticized by many, but despite of contrary opinions, the practice quickly spread around the world in the last century.