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Point of View: Canada’s Love Affair With Cuba Continues

Point of View: Canada's Love Affair With Cuba Continues

Jim Byers, Travel Pulse The Cuba Tourist Board says Cuba has officially welcomed more than a million Canadian visitors over the course of the 2019 travel season. Following in the foot steps of a very strong 2018, the confirmation of this accomplishment came on December 4th, the exact day as ...

Free Hotel Stays for Canadian tourists

Free Hotel Stays for Canadian tourists

A Caribbean island that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria last year has made outstanding progress in its revitalization efforts and is now encouraging Canadians to visit.

Canadian tourists arrived in Haiti

Port au Prince.- Canadian tourists traveled recently to Haiti with the mass-market operator Transat on the first package tour to come to this country for over 25 years. The landing at Port-au-Prince airport was greeted -before even reaching passport control- by the sound of a band playing traditional twoubadou music.