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Bahamas Committed to Develop Tourism despite Violence

Nassau.- Bahamas is seeing an spectacular tourism development. Building new infrastructure or remodeling the existing is the trend here. But amidst such an influx of investment, the Caribbean island risks scaring tourists away due to violent crimes.

US Warns Americans against Traveling to Bahamas, Again


  Nassau.- In less than a month, the United States Embassy in Nassau has issued a second alert warning Americans living in and traveling to Bahamas to be aware of a recent increase in reported armed robberies.

TTC Special: The Caribbean Submerged?


  TTC Service.- With 70 percent of its 50 million inhabitants living on the coast and tourism as the main -if not the only one- source of income for most of its states, the Caribbean may not longer exist as we know it in just 50 years from now if ...

Decreases tourist arrivals to the Caribbean

Decreases tourist arrivals to the Caribbean

Tourist arrivals to the main destinations in the Caribbean has shown a negative trend during the first months of 2013. March just let see hopes to register a growth of 3.69 percent.