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French Caribbean fights to keep pesticide case alive

St Vincent and the Grenadines to host sustainable tourism development conference

Agricultural workers who have long sought compensation for contamination from a pesticide banned in France but used in the country's Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe have finally had a day in court after a nearly 15-year wait.

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Point of View: Why Tourism Matters in the Caribbean

The emergence of the travel and tourism sector in the Caribbean coincided with a move away from complete reliance on agriculture as the primary money earner. The decline of bananas, sugar, bauxite, vanilla and other such revenue earners meant Caribbean countries needed another means to grow their economies and tourism ...

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TTC Special: Agro-tourism is crucial to the Caribbean

TTC Service.- Agriculture  is still crucial for all countries, but especially for those with tourism-based economies. The Caribbean is a region that not only needs agriculture to feed its population, but also to lower the costs of its tourism industry.

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