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Special TTC: Sustainable Tourism is already a crucial formula for industry

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By Frank Martin

A new world tourism formula is trying to reach not only a recovery from the pandemic but a real way to make  stronger the worldwide tourism with essential elements that can only be provided by a sustainable and responsible practice.

Experts in this sector perhaps one of the most damaged by the global pandemic, believe that large companies should be protagonists in such an already unavoidable.

Would be a good catalysts to that goal should be the London World Tourism Fair Awards next November.

The Global Awards will be announced at the WTM London, from November 7 to 9, 2022 after a process already underway.

The event organizers announced that they resorted to virtual communication in order to allow a good presence of international judges.

They believe that a diversity of criteria brings a diversity of options when it iis needed the most in a very complicated world.

In 2022 the awards will be given in four regions, with the winner from each region competing in the Global Awards.

Latin America including the Caribbean made already its registrations for the awards and  will have its  ownn regional fair from April 5 to 7.

The topics on the London agenda in 2022 are diverse, including the “streamlining” of travel and tourism, economic support for employees and communities during situations such as the pandemic, increasing tourism diversity, reducing plastic waste in nature, access to all tourists regardless of their physical abilities, and the development of tourism’s contribution to cultural heritage.

International press outlets quoted Harold Goodwin, WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor, as saying that “since its launch at the London fair, the World Responsible Tourism Awards have grown in stature and prestige.”

“Each year, we uncover notable case studies of responsible businesses and destinations and the awards mean that their efforts are recognized globally, as well as inspiring others.” “I urge everyone who has been working to improve sustainable and responsible tourism to come in and spread the word about the great efforts that are being made around the world,” he added.

It is a WTM main objective in 2022 the Sustainable Tourism. Caribbean specialists consulted by TTC believe that this modality is already a banner and a path for the industry.

According to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism “takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities”.

Probably in a world as complicated as the current one, no universal tourism model can do without sustainability. The purposes of this modality are really comprehensive.

Sustainable tourism must optimize environmental resources, protect the ecosystem, protect the local culture, respect the community in which the hotel or tourism business in question is established, organize a fair distribution of profits, guarantee economic benefits, prosperity to the destination and generate jobs.

The need to abolish discrimination based on race, gender or sex, promote social equality and achieve traveler satisfaction are crucial.

In general terms, a sustainable tourism business must guarantee that its activity does not generate air, water or land pollution. In addition, it must achieve a reduction in waste and establish recycling dynamics.

The sustainable platform does not imply impossible demands to achieve. In fact, it shows that it is sustained only with the crucial and essential ones.


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