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Special TTC: Quietness? Only in Cape Town

Cape Town

TTC Service.- What does Cape Town have in common with Melbourne, Saint Petersburg, Paris, New Delhi and other 15 key tourist destinations around the globe? Nothing according to ReviewPro. The leading provider of online reputation and social media analytics for hotels found out that the South African city stands out as the only one where noise is not the number one most common complaint by consumers.

ReviewPro took into consideration 2.532,461 consumer reviews published during the last 12 months for 5,683 hotels in Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin,Istanbul, London, Lyon, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Rome, Sydney and the above mentioned cities. Not a single review complains about Cape Town being a noisy city.

Published by the London-based Travel Daily News, the results bring to mind, again, the negative effects of noise on people.
The problem gets worse when it comes to tourists, who are generally looking for quiet and peaceful places to alleviate themselves from stress.

So imagine that you are one of those people who have been saving for two years to escape just one week from your city where honking, loud music systems, car alarms, traffic, motor cycles and bad-mannered and disrespectful people are part of the landscape.
What a disappointment to find yourself in your dream city and realize that you are paying for the same, if not worse, bad taste soundtrack that you left back home.

Consequences? If noise pollution has not driven you totally mad, you erase that city from future itineraries and go to an online review site such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Jalan and HolidayCheck to tell your experience.

And it’s a fact that when it comes to the hotel industry, guests experience is seriously taken into consideration by guests-to-be.
Bad reputation is not good for hotels, neither cities, and there it is the ReviewPro’s analysis to prove it.

In all but one of the 20 cities analyzed, noise garnered more negative mentions than complaints against elevators, service, air conditioning and heating systems and smells, for instance.

One good way to turn down booming sound systems both in public and private spaces and shut up inconsiderate people is officially regarding noise not only as a threat to local residents but to tourism.

Authorities should do the math: No guest satisfaction…