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Special TTC: European destinations open doors to international tourism

Special TTC: European destinations open doors to international tourism

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By Frank Martin

Countries that are both great destinations and tourists emitters decided to start a new era planing their own openings.

The progressive lifting of entry bans to these countries will lead to economic recoveries that will later open up their possibilities as tourism source markets to regions worldwide including the Caribbean.

Italy, with its Covid-19 deaths trauma is eager to return to normal.

The Italian tourist industry is already receiving travelers in a first stage.

The government in Rome announced last week that shops, cafes and terraces reopened after receiving official authorizations.

The monuments and historical and tourist sites, such as St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, the cathedrals of Milan and Florence and Vatican museums are receiving again tourists from all over the world, although with new rules to avoid a pandemic setback.

In Britain the reopening is slower.

Among the British opening plans is to apply tourist a shorter quarantine than the initially decided 14 days.
The London BBC reported tha UK government is aimed to making ligther measures for the so called tourism “new normality” after the pandemic.

Since today June 8, however, all people coming from abroad are required to accept the isolation rule two weeks long or be fined for not accepting the treatment.

In addition, travelers are required to inform the Immigration agents places where they will pass quarantined, or failing that, they will be located in a temporary residence.

Nevertheless, the UK government issued exceptions.

Truck drivers transporting goods, police officers, migrant workers and health professionals, as well as people from Ireland, and the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, are excluded from quarantines.

The London press reported that tourism agencies and airlines, many on the brink of bankruptcy, hope to begin to recover during next summer holidays.

China, where the pandemic began and three months later cautiously lifted some bans now plans to rescue damaged parts of the 2,000-year-old Xiaoshetai stretch of the Great Wall.

The program approved as part of the Covid-19 epidemic recovery will be implemented in Bayannur in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of northern China.

The project will be completed in 2021 and focuses on the repair of a collapsed 5-kilometer stretch dating back to the Qin dynasty (221 BC-207 BC).

Spain, with a tragic balance due to the epidemic, stopped all entry of travelers since last April.

The leisure industry is crucial for the country’s economy because contributes 12 percent of the national Gross Domestic Product.

Now it has been announced in Madrid that Spain will reopen to tourism on July 1.

Carlos Garrido, president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies told La Vanguardia newspaper that the opening will be an adequate first step.

“The decision to impose quarantine came at a very bad time and now some tourism sectors can trust not to miss the summer season, although for us travel agencies, the recovery will be slower,” he said.

After government’s announcement, stock market operations favored companies linked to tourism.
Were growths of 27.04% for NH Hoteles, 26.58% Meliá 20.85% Edreams and 13.41% the IAG air group.

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