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Italians: Benvenuto to the Caribbean

Cristo dell' Havana

  By Frank Martin Strictly speaking, there isn’t an “Italian Caribbean”, like the English- or French-speaking one, but since far-off times Italians have left their cultural imprint in this part of the New World admired today by international tourists, including those who come from Italy.

Martinique and the Rum Route

Isole de Martinica

  The Caribbean is a geographical area identified with tourist trips, in which two physical structures stand out: the Caribbean Sea and the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean Sea is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean partially closed to the north and east of the current Antilles. It owes its name ...

English-Speaking Caribbean Still Confident of Its Beaches

anglospeaking caribbean

By Frank Martin A placid fine sandy beach that can be in any of the 12 nations making up the English-speaking Caribbean is not just a reason to go on vacations in these states. It is also a basic and crucial product for the fragile economies of the area.

Special TTC: CTO to Caribbean Governments: It’s Tourism. Deal with It

Special TTC: CTO to Caribbean Governments: It’s Tourism. Deal with It

  TTC Service.- In 2012, the Caribbean islands welcomed 25 million visitors -5.4 per cent more than in 2011 and the highest for five years. Last year, tourists to the Caribbean spent 27.5 billion dollars, 3.6 per cent more than in 2011 and for the third consecutive year tourism expenditures ...

Caribbean Culture Events

Haiti will host the CARIFESTA’s 12 edition

Por Regino M. Cruz The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), with more than 900 members in 87 countries, includes in its statistics of international events only those that comply with the requirements: Rotating through at least three countries, having more than 50 participants and Being periodically organized.