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TTC Special: The Caribbean Response to the Chikungunya virus

TTC Service.- Researchers may never know how the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus first entered the Caribbean last December, but local governments along with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) are reportedly on the right track to cope with a health situation that could put at risk the regional tourism-dependent economy.

TTC Special: Arctic and Antarctic regions: hazardous havens

  TTC Service.-Labeled as a magical, breathtaking and memorable glimpse of nature in its purest form, landscapes of the North and South poles have lured people for centuries. Gone are the times when adventurous and loner explorers were the only visitors to the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Point of View: An American tourist in Cuba

By Adam Lindhart, Citizen Staff Pototo’s house is in the heart of Old Town Havana, along the narrow  streets crowded with old American cars that have become part of the American, clichéd image of Cuba.

TTC Special: Marijuana Tourism in Colorado? Sure, but Not Officially Marketed Yet

TTC Service.- Fifty five percent of Colorado voters agreed to legalize recreational marijuana. Now the law, Amendment 64 passed in November, 2012, is in the state constitution. Though neither can smoke in public, residents over 21 can buy up to an ounce, and visitors can buy a quarter ounce. However, ...

On its 500th Anniversary, Trinidad is Being Reanimated

The Township of Santísima Trinidad was the third township to be founded by the Spanish colonizers in Cuba in early 1514 and it rapidly became one of the most prosperous of the largest of the Antillean islands. Five hundred years later, that town located in the central province of Sancti ...